Sunday, February 28, 2010

Button Box

OK, Here is the picture of the button box. I made this several years ago, and it was one of my first attempts at boxmaking. I made it from bookboard (which is not easy to cut, I can tell you) and is supposed to have feet made from empty wooden spools (not yet made)! I had so much fun picking out the buttons for this fun little box. The design was from a book called Making Memory Boxes by Barbara Mauriello.
I have inherited the "button box" from my family. It is a collection of buttons in a large tin from ages and ages ago. I have always loved this box and played with the buttons as a child. I continue to add to my collection of buttons and use them in my artwork whenever possible. I have a stamp that says "Women are like buttons, they hold things together." (River City Rubberworks, 4066-F). I believe this to be true, and I know my tin of old buttons links me to my mother and grandmother as keepers of our family heritage.

All boxed in and loving it

Hello! Welcome to my blog! Today I have been cleaning and fixing up a new tabletop flat drawer box I got at an estate sale yesterday. I put it in my craft room and filled it full of goodies--one drawer for stamps I am currently playing with, one drawer for Ancient Page ink pads (my favorite!) and one for Tombow markers, also one of my favorites. I put the box onto one of the tops of my L-shaped desks for easy access.
I can't resist boxes! No matter what the size, the possibilities of what they can hold sets my mind reeling. I hold on to tiny gift/jewelry boxes forever, thinking of what I can do with them. If a gadget or toy is packaged in an interesting box, I'm going to buy it! Of course, I'll even buy decorative boxes empty, especially nesting boxes. I even enjoy making boxes--here is a picture of one I made several years ago, filled with--you guessed it--buttons!
Well, I'm having trouble getting the picture up. I'll put it in the next post.