Tuesday, December 20, 2016

North Pole Express!

I hosted a Polar Express party this past Sunday for our children's church.  We had all sorts of delectables, including a hot chocolate bar.  For the decoration, I completed the North Pole Express by SVG Cuts.  This project was tons of fun, and not too hard to complete, even though it looks complicated.  I made two coal cars--one to hold the candy canes, the other to hold the candy kisses.  The caboose is filled with chocolate kisses.  Oh, I did forget to add the chimney pieces to the locomotive!  As Mary says (she is the designer at SVG Cuts), this train does have a WOW factor.  The paper I used was from Imaginisce.  If you truly want to see WOW factor, look at the original at svgcuts.com.  We had a great party, complete with movie watching, popcorn, gift giving, and lots of fun with our children's church friends.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Time off!

Some of you are wondering why I haven't posted in a while.  Busy!  Life happens!  My sister fell down my stairs and broke her ankle.  So I am taking care of her dogs.  Wow, do those dogs have energy!  Well, yes, they are pretty lazy in the picture above, but they can be very active!  They follow me around the house and are interested in everything I do, especially cooking!  But they also like to smell my craft supplies and creations.  They get into everything!  So I do not even have a Christmas tree (again this year!)  So be patient--your Christmas card may arrive late this year.  But I still think about you--hope you are having a merry holiday season.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Advent Thoughts booklet

I have been making these little envelope booklets lately, and I wanted to do something for Advent.  I thought I could collect/write meditations, prayers, thoughts for the season in the book and keep it to look through when I feel a need for something uplifting as the hectic holidays approach.  Also, if I add to it each day, I would be able to reserve a meditation session each day as I work in the booklet, just to keep focused on what the season is all about.  As you can see in the pictures, the slots in the envelopes will allow a place for my written meditations.  I simply stamped the inside with images that will help me focus on things that might be important in my life, versus "fluff".

Here is the cover of the booklet as it is folded flat.

I used stamping, Cricut cut images, and Accucut alphabet dies to decorate my envelope booklet.  Purple is the traditional color of the advent liturgical season.  I hope that by Christmas day, my booklet will be fat with inspiration!  

Thanks for looking, and may the peacefulness of the season be with you.