Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Tiny Space

What you are seeing in the picture above is the tiny little space in which I usually do my stamping in my craft room.  I cleared the space off today so I could actually work on some cards.  It had been filled with a Cuttlebug (see the embossed kraft paper) and littered with tons of stuff I needed to put somewhere.  Actually my space, when cleared off, is very use-able and cozy.  I sit in a large overstuffed easy chair pulled up to the desk.  My large cutter is in another area of the room, so I have to get up for that, but I'm a jack rabbit by nature.  (My dog gets very mad at this--she wants me to stay put so she can nap!)  Close by, as you can see in the photo, I have most of the things I need handy--colored pencils and jewels are in the green topped bins, pens, glitter markers, and Stickles are in some of the open containers, as well as glues and small tools.  I keep my very large wood block Hero stamps at the ready for backgrounds.  Not shown in the photo are tons of papers on a rack, a turntable of supplies, and a tiered basket of stuff, just above my workspace. Also, not shown, is a tray of three small metal flowerpots to the right of my workspace which house scissors and other tools.  Very handy.  The card I am working on at present is another of the Asian Art cards from our Hero Club meeting at Stamp Antonio.  I had a few leftover supplies so I am making "copy cats" of the original card that I will be able to use later.  I stamped the circle image in Versafine black and heat set it so the Copics I am going to use will not smear.  Where are the Copic markers you might ask?  They are handy in a bin just under my workspace..I just reach down and pick it up!  Always at hand!  And what makes this space extra special?  My Ott light!  I can't work without it!  There are some things that are present that I hardly ever original Sizzix die cutter and the pasta machine, but they have been there so long and are so heavy I am not going to move them!  They often just get draped with clutter until it's time to pick up again!

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