Sunday, December 7, 2014

Leftover mania!

And no, it's not Thanksgiving leftovers!  We ate those a long time ago!  I have extra papers/kits from when I taught classes and I am busy making these into useful cards rather than having more bags of "stuff" around my craft room.  Here is a picture of what I had left over:

The top row shows the finished card samples.  Below each is a pile of "leftovers" from which I made new cards.  I had to substitute materials in some instances, but I pared each pile down to just a few scraps which I mostly tossed.

Here is a picture of all the finished cards I made:

I made lots of cards to use for birthday, sympathy, thinking of you.  Plus, I already used one birthday card today!

This was a fun activity, and rewarding.  I cleared away a sack of "stuff", and I added to my stash of cards I can use, give away, or sell in my next craft fair.  In addition, it was enlightening for me to revisit my past designs and make them even better in some cases.  I also enjoyed the different techniques that I may not have used in a while.

Now, on to the next bag of "stuff"!

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