Sunday, July 18, 2010

Post - It Note holder

This is the cute project we did in Hero Arts Club at Stamp Antonio Arts this past week.  The idea came from a book I had by Marie Browning on bookmaking (a book I love, by the way!).  Here is what you need to make the booklet:

2        4 1/2" pieces of lightweight cardstock or
                       paper for covers
1        3" paper or cardstock for inside front cover
2        3 1/8" pieces of lightweight chipboard
                        (You can use the chipboard from cereal boxes!)
1        3 1/2" x 1 3/4" ultrasuede or suede paper for spine
1        3" square post it note package

            And you need a gluestick and some white glue.   Here's what to do: 
                       1. Decorate your 4 1/2" pieces of paper for your covers, remembering that only the center 3"
                                         will show. 
                       2. Decorate your paper for the inside cover as well.
                       3. Center your chipboard squares onto the backs of your decorated covers, glue down with
                                          gluestick.  Miter the corners and fold in the sides. Glue down securely. 
                       4. Attach the suede strip to the edges of each covered piece with a white glue, not a
                                          gluestick.  I used Tombow Mono Multi but any white glue with a fine line
                                          applicator will work. 
                                          Use only a tiny bead of glue.  Hold or press the glued area for a few minutes
                                          until  it sets.  After the spine edges are completely dry, cut off the excess spine
                                          ends so it is flush with the covers.
                       5. Cover the inside front cover with your decorated paper.  Lay (or glue, if you prefer) the
                                           post it notes to the back inside cover.
                       6.  Add whatever decorations you want.  I used a piece of ribbon and an extra stamped
                                           piece on the sample shown.  The stamp used for the sample is Hero Arts
                                           Delicate Blossoms CL449.  I colored it with Copic markers.

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