Monday, September 17, 2012

Inchie Art

Since I have an Inchie class coming up Saturday, I thought I'd share some Inchie projects I have done in the past.  What is an Inchie?  It's a tiny 1" square work of art, either created on it's own or punched from a larger piece of art.  It can be part of a grouping to help build a card or scrapbook page, or just be a clever stand-alone piece of art.
This first piece is a thank you card made from a clear set of stamps from American Craft.  Very purple!  I like the dimension I built into the card using pop dots.  I also like how I made the THANKS greeting into two inchies with a punch stroke!  Some of the inch squares are stamped, some are run through an embossing folder, to give variety.

The next card uses some kitchen paper and a set of clear stamps from Amuse with a kitchen theme.  I thought of a kitchen cabinet so I encased my inchies into a "cabinet" I made with narrow strips of foam.  Again, I liked using pop dots to raise some elements of the squares up for dimension.  Lots of delicate cutting on this piece!  Another unique feature of this piece is how I cut up bits and pieces of a discarded dictionary to add text elements.

This last card uses the foam strips and the text elements used above but this time makes a dress shop "window".  The stamp is a row of cute little girl dresses, each stamped on inked and distressed paper.  

Inchies are one of my favorite art forms.  I love arranging those little squares into mosaic style cards and scrapbook pages.  I read on a Flickr Inchie site on the web that you can keep your Inchies in coin collection plastic pages--the size for quarters.  Inchie supplies can be bought from Ellen Hutson LLC, who stocks items from Inchie Arts and Lockhart stamps.  Inkadinkado makes a lot of Inchie clear stamp sets--the easy way to approach Inchie Art!  Good things come in small packages!

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  1. Yay Inchies! I love your inchie cards, Jane. And I love inchies, too! They are so much fun to trade and collect, too! Keep up the good work! Great ideas.