Saturday, April 23, 2011

35 flower pins! That's how many flower pins I made for this last week's Hero Art's club meeting. I used the flower stamp "Many Petals" and stamped the image using Versacraft or Versafine onto printed fabric, heat setting the stamping with an iron. I then laid the stamping onto a backing of craft felt and stitched around the perimeter of the flower. I cut out the flower, leaving a little around the edge and then cut a hole in the center, stuffed the petals, and then stitched up the hole, embellishing with other flowers and buttons. Each one was different! I then made each flower into a pin by hot glueing a pin back to each. Thank you, Sally Traidman, for the directions for these flowers, on the Hero blog. I think everyone really liked the flowers. I know they were tons of fun to make, and I will make a few more for those who did not get one.

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