Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I designed this card with the aid of my Cricut Expression.  I liked the Paper Lace 2 accent flower 1 for St. Patrick's Day and it went well with the other projects I planned.  I cut out the flower design, ran it through the Xyron machine and glittered it well with green glitter, first making sure all the adhesive was sticking only to the design.  I then added a bit of gold specialty paper to the center design only, having first made a cardboard template to help in cutting the design.  I then adhered the design to the background accent flower cut from the same cartridge.  I then adhered the entire unit to the front of a 5 1/2" green card.  Now I have to go and search for a large square envelope!  I made this card primarily for a small stamping party I went to with friends on Friday.  Here is Silvia's card on her fantastic display case in her wonderful new studio:

The other beautiful card in the picture is one Silvia received from a friend.  And here is Silvia with some more of her wonderful creations:  

These are paper dolls she made from some Mirkwood templates:  .  She loves making paper dolls and her work is magnificent.  And her studio is huge and very neat!  Lots of room to work and play!  We had a lot of fun.   Each person brought a project for the others to complete.  Some more pictures:

That's Margaret holding up Leanne's card and then Elaine and Leanne making the paper flowers for the card.  We did the flowers without a die, without even a pattern!  Who knew?  I love my cards from Friday and I love my friends.  Fabulous day!  

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  1. Friday was so much fun! Jane, it was a joy to see you. I can't wait for our next get together.