Friday, June 29, 2012


I rummaged through a box of unfinished cards the other day and decided to finish one!  This is of course a design from a previous Card Factory class I did.  I think some rhinestone bling will add a lot to this!  Aren't those Copic colors vibrant?
     It seems like my life is full of leftovers these days--leftover class kits, leftover supplies I thought I needed but really didn't, leftover debris from my last crafting project,  leftover over food in the refrigerator because the restaurant served too much or I cooked too much!  Do you have leftover gift bags that just seem to hang around and never seem to get used a second time but are too good to throw away?   I just pitched a bunch of leftover gift bags and other debris cluttering my closet.  The recycle bin is now full and I feel a lot better!  Now I have to set my mind to finishing all those unmade cards and sending them out. (No, I am not throwing those away--I will let the recipients do that for me!)  A simple thing--decluttering.  Take joy.

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