Thursday, August 2, 2012

Chip Decor

I have discovered Chip Decor from Hobby Lobby is fun!  This is a gift I am making my sister for her birthday.  I painted the edges of the shape black, then used the Chip Decor Cricut cartridge to generate the word from scrapbook paper.  Since I didn't have a printed 12" x 24" paper, I just abutted two 12" x 12" papers together and it ran fine.  I bet you can't tell where the papers meet!
     After applying the paper to the chipboard shape, I decorated it with black and white stickers and other little bits, including some gold embossed butterflies.  I do wish I had embossed before applying the paper to the shape, but it did work out fine.  I used the same cartridge to generate the letters of the family member's names, using a 3/4" setting from black cardstock.  I found some tiny metal frames and added the pictures of each family member.  Some pearls and stickles finished the project.  Voila!  (I hope she likes her present!)


  1. I love your "family" project above!! I have this cartridge and have been working on my "family" chipboard all evening and I can't get mine to line up. how did you do it? What size did you cut the "family" out at? Please help I am so frustrated!! Thanks

    1. I'm sorry--I just discovered this comment. I hope this is not to late to help you. I cut the black and white striped paper using the extra long (12" x 24") Cricut mat in my Cricut Expression. I put two sheets of 12" x 12" paper side by side to cut the image, and yes, I did have to "piece" them together for the project, but at least they were cut out properly this way. I set the cartridge to cut at 6.75" using the "phrase" option, as depicted in the instruction book that came with the cartridge. If you cut the papers at the recommended sizes for any of the chip decor letters or words they will cut out more or less to size. i have had to trim a little off the edge and/or sand to get some of them to line up perfectly with the chipboard letters.