Saturday, December 1, 2012

Look what's hiding in the forest!

One humid foggy morning last week on my morning walk I was enchanted to find all these small "ground webs" on the forest floor.  I assume they are spider webs, but they are different from so many I have seen.  They are just an inch or half inch off the ground, many have a "hole" in them, and they disappear during the day!  I think they are really there, but we just can't see them.  The sunlight playing off the fog really highlighted them--some were even on the path!  There were literally 50 or 60 of them along the path I traveled, each one only about three inches in diameter.  I had never seen these before, so it must have been a good year for these spiders, or the atmosphere conditions were just right to allow them to show up.  The amazing appearance of these small webs one foggy morning was indeed magical.  Finding these webs truly made more concrete for me the idea that the world we ordinarily inhabit  is truly a "world within worlds" and there is so much more that we cannot see much less understand.  A humbling experience!

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