Sunday, April 14, 2013

Iris Folding

I have been practicing my iris folding techniques.  It's amazing how much I've forgotten!  I made the above card with a hexagon template I found online.  I like the templates with numbers--it seems so much easier than planning my own placement!  The template called for six different papers.  I rummaged around in my box of scraps for suitable prints that would work together.  I cut lots of strips--enough for about six cards from the look of them--and that was only from half and quarter pieces of papers!  You can't really see from the above scan, but the center iris is gold metallic cardstock, as is the embossed embellishment below.  I also highlighted the design by adding very narrow peel-off strips to the edges of the iris folded design.  I had forgotten how thick the front of the card turns out from the folded strips.  Next time I make a card like this I will be sure to use a triple folded card so the "work" will automatically and easily be covered up.  For this card I just cut another piece of card 1/4" smaller all around for the inside covering.  Something else I forgot--you really have to plan the front of the card before doing the iris folding and maybe doing some embellishment first.  I have seen some really cute projects I want to try--balloons, kites, etc, rather than just geometric designs.


  1. Great card, Jane! You are right, there is a lot of planning to do on the iris folded card. I had the same thoughts when I did the heart design at Valentines. I have a flower I want to try for spring, but I'd better hurry or spring will be over. This is a very pretty and elegant looking card. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Well, practice makes perfect. This is very pretty.