Monday, August 25, 2014

Morning Timer Challenge . . . .

.....which I did not meet!  Here is my project:

Here is the link to the original project guidelines:

I had a couple of problems:
                1. For a standard A2 size card, I could only fit four of my chosen stamp (Amuse Art Stamps).
                         Solution:  I made two cards, one A2 size (pictured above) and a much larger 5" x 7" card,                                           which accommodated all the colors in the palette, but didn't really work as a card
                                        - -too much white space.
                2.  I couldn't keep my images in line.
                          Solution:  I used a stamp positioner--solved the problem, but time-consuming.

So, I did not meet the "time" requirement, but I did end up with a card I can use!  I kind of like it!

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  1. Very interesting color combination, but I like it very much. Keep up the good work!