Saturday, March 21, 2015

St. Patrick's Day 2015: My lucky charm book

Here are some pictures of a little book I designed for a group get-together on St. Patrick's Day this year.  It is a chipboard "lucky charm" book.  Each interior page has a window cut-out with charms attached, so as you flip through the book, the charms play upon each other.  Each page has also a little tag and an Irish blessing along with a little sticker.  I got the little stickers from Hallmark years ago.  I hope you have fun looking at my cute little "charming" book!  I have yet to decorate the covers.  I made two of these little books using the smallest page of my Accucut flip album die coupled with a single "Convertible" die for the cut-out.  The pages are covered with various green/St. Patrick's themed papers I have collected over the years.    

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  1. Awesome St. Patty's album, Jane. I love the charms, and blessings on each page with the printed pages all tied together with the theme of St. Patrick's. Our "collections" come in handy when we need assorted items like for this album. Thanks for sharing it.