Thursday, May 25, 2017

Happy Graduation!

Sorry for the blurry picture--I must have been in a hurry to upload.  I have been busy, busy cardmaking and can't wait to share all my creations!

I needed three graduation cards, so here is what I came up with.  I used my new paper weaving die I got recently from Inky Antics.  Such a fun die, but I had thumb problems--pain and swelling--from making so many paper woven cards!  I will have to pace myself with these!

I had gotten a fabulous little 6" paper pad from Jo Ann's on sale--full of colorful solids that I thought would be good to have on hand for my Cricut cutting.  They were so colorful, and did I say glitzy?!  I set the colorful strips off with a black background for this card.

When I first got the paper weaving die, the directions indicated to use quilling strips for the woven strips.  So I did!  But I didn't realize until I already made two (so much weaving!) that the directions called for 1/4" quilling strips.  I had been using 1/8" strips.  Duh!  So when I made this card I hand cut my strips to 1/4".  I did find that the weaving goes so much better if you actually use a scant 1/4" or just a little less than 1/4" wide.

I think the colorful strips set off with a black background were the perfect backdrop for the little graduation figure (Stampington) which I have had for years and haven't used for years.  I used a regulation blue for the graduation robe, but if you were thoughtful and not in a hurry (like me) you could customize the robe to the school colors.

So, three graduation cards finally finished and ready for the mail.  Check that job off!  Thank you, papercrafting supplies!

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