Monday, May 8, 2017

Encouragement Card

I made this card as an encouragement card for the college students at our church as graduation and finals approach.  Inside it says, "It's the journey, not the destination that counts.  Go with God, wherever He may lead you, and you will do all right."

I used the Cricut Explore program to create the arrows on the front of the card, importing a simple arrow image and changing the colors of the arrows and varying placement of each.  Then I "print and cut" each card front.  I stamped the sentiment onto vellum and made a vellum band around each of the card fronts before placing the fronts onto the prepared cards.  I had printed the card insides with Word.  The final touch was the little arrow sticker embellishment, which is not only attractive, but also helps hold the vellum band in place.

I have to say, the sentiment stamp (My Sentiments Exactly) was my inspiration for this card.  I got it at Hobby Lobby and knew it would be the perfect message for an inspiration card for students.  I think the vellum, which I also got at Hobby Lobby, stamped beautifully.  I made 22 of these!  Lots of work for my little bug!  and my printer!  and me!  I know the card won't be as appreciated as the gift card that goes inside, but at least the kids know we are thinking about them.

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