Saturday, November 3, 2012

Glittered Angel Cricut card

Here is another Cricut Christmas Card.  The angel image is from Joys of the Season cartridge.  I cut three card options, each at 5 1/2"--one from maroon cardstock, one from gold glitter cardstock, one from maroon and cream printed music paper.    I cut out just the angel from the gold glitter card and glued it onto the maroon card, matching it to the angel image.  I then cut out the angel completely from the printed paper, leaving just an oval space.  I cut the printed paper to fit the front of the card, glued it down, and then added some narrow strips of extra glitter cardstock on the edges.  Voila!  A simple, elegant Christmas card with only three cuts of your Cricut, some scissors, and a little glue!  A little hint:  Vary your pressure on your Cricut Expression to match your paper:  I used medium pressure to cut the printed paper--otherwise I have found the paper will tear.  I used maximum pressure to cut the glittered cardstock--it cut cleanly.  I did not have to multi-cut.

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