Monday, November 19, 2012

Thoughtful moment

I start my day looking for deer!  I take walks in the wooded park near my home most mornings, and I love looking at the little woodland creatures.  The deer here are not surprised to see me at all!  I especially like looking at the ones peeking out at me from the tall grass.  Every once in a while a deer will get "lost".  One morning I found one walking down my street in my neighborhood!  I hope he found his way home.  I think he went over the wrong fence!  Having the deer this close reminds me that no matter how much we try to pave over the world, nature will out.  I think we should help nature along a bit!  I am thankful for the parkland.


  1. Hello Jane,
    I really like your photo. It's almost as if that deer was posing for you.

  2. Your woodland creatures are much sweeter than mine. Skunks, racoons, and squirrels are in my yard around my house. But most of them only come out after dark. (hard to take a picture of them then) I enjoy the thoughtful time of contemplation then, also.

    1. O-o-o-o-h! I love the racoons! Sometimes we have them in the back yard! They are noisy creatures!