Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fun in the Mail!

Look what came in the mail last week

I previously subscribed to Jenni Bowlin's Papercrafting Kit of the Month.  This 2015 she has changed her offerings from papercrafts to collections.  This is the first Magpie kit.  Each month there will be a new collection of fun things that we can collect, collate, craft, or just crave!  Here is the box as I opened it:

And below all the lovelies unwrapped:

There is an antique spoon, with a hole in the handle for hanging.  There are three snowflake doilies, a train ticket, some antique sequin trim, three wood circles, a tiny china cup, a bottle of glitter, an antique cluster earring, and various and assorted ephemera.  I love this stuff!  I will definitely use it for crafting, and I am thinking a shadowbox of the month, each month featuring items from that month's collection plus other items from my stash.  A couple of years ago I had bought a whole bunch of Tim Holtz' shadowboxes from Tuesday Morning and I am thinking this stuff would be perfect for those destinations.  Now I can clean out one of the boxes in my garage!

Here is the link for the Jenni Bowlin site:

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  1. Wow! Such a fun delivery, Jane! I know you will create something beautiful and intriguing with all those goodies. Have fun!