Sunday, April 12, 2015

Belated Easter post

Easter went fast this year!  We did finally finish eating all of the Easter feast by about Wednesday, though.  This little project was done for a craft activity at a local children's Easter Egg Hunt.  While all ages could participate, the real devotees were little girls about 9 or 10 years old.  Oh, I found out Washi tape is a real hit with kids!  
   The first thing everybody did was make a small Easter basket which I had pre-cut from a Cricut file.  The children then decorated their basket with washi tape.  Then we decorated some eggs with washi tape to put into the basket.  We used plastic colored eggs (of course!) although the washi tape looks really brilliant on real white eggs.  The children loved tearing off that washi tape and covering everything with it!  
   This little banner was the highlight of the day (after the egg hunt, of course).  I cut out some Easter egg shapes from a Cricut file, and some lettering to spell out EASTER.  We covered the eggs with strips of colorful washi tape, backed the eggs with some scrapbook paper also cut into the shape of the eggs, punched some holes, added our lettering, and ended up with a really cute little EASTER banner after adding some colorful ribbons.  Some of the younger children, or those with limited time, just made one egg shape and then put a pretty butterfly sticker on top for a colorful Easter ornament.

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  1. Oooh! Very pretty Jane! I know, Easter came way too early for me, too. I am so glad you are teaching the next generation of crafter's and card makers, that can be so rewarding, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing, my friend.