Sunday, March 5, 2017

Copy cat card

I saw a card recently on the Rubber Stamp Tapestry tutorial page that I just had to make!  I think I copied it almost exactly!  Here is the original project:

What do you think?  I even had the cute little Stampin' Up pink and blue flowers for the embellishment!   Of course I am sure I used different stamps (don't even ask me what they were because my peg stamps are like all mixed together right now!  That means they are busy and in use, and that's a good thing!  Oh, I used my Cricut Explore to write and cut the greeting on my card, as well as cut the papers to the size needed.  I find my Explore really helpful in this respect, since I can use the finished card size as a template and then just load the pieces onto the template to get the right size for each piece.  No measuring!  I did use a scalloped punch for the pink scallop, however.

Sometimes, especially lately, when I seem to be in an artistic no man's land and can't come up with my own designs to save my life, I love to go through the blogs and look and see what other people have done and copy their ideas.  They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!  I think if people are so possessive of their ideas that they don't want them copied they shouldn't post them online anyway.  That's my take, anyway!  And I always learn something from copying someone else's ideas, in addition to coming up with a finished card I can share with the world.  I made four or five of these cards and will send them to shut-ins and others who will really enjoy them.

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