Sunday, September 18, 2016

Thank Ewe!

Many of you will recognize (I hope my picture didn't turn out that bad!) the image above from Cricut. Simple Pop Up Cards.  And trust me, this card is simple!

And it turns out, this card was perfect for our Childrens' Church today!  I pre-cut all the pieces for the card, pre-folded the pop up portion, and even a four year old could put it together!  (I did cheat a little and put the glue onto the sheep's legs from my small glue applicator, so glue wouldn't get everywhere!)

We were examining the story of God going to find the lost sheep, and after we exhausted the ideas in the provided curriculum, I let the girls (yes, all girls today, aged 3-6) have some real fun and make a card they could give someone to let them know how much they care, like God cares for us.

One thing this card does not provide, however, and that is a design for the front of the card.  (You are of course looking at the inside pop up portion in the photo above.)   So with the help of Cricut again, this is what I came up with for a simple front design:

I purchased the BAA from the Animal Kingdom cartridge (yes, I know I could have made it myself, but after several flubbed tries I went with this pre-made image--easy peasy!

We layered the BAA onto a white shipping tag, added some very fun feather-boa like yarn, and layered all onto a red and white background piece.  The kids had some farmyard themed red and white checks.

Whenever I am in a quandry about a craft or project we can do in Children's Church, I often turn to Cricut for ideas.  Booklets, stickers, pictures--all are in easy reach.  Thank Ewe, Cricut!

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