Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

The kids in Children's Church made this cute tie card for Dad's Day this morning.  Even the littlest ones were able to make this, and the older ones really enjoyed making the card.  I saw the little ones making sure their cards were safely tucked in pockets to share with Dad when they got home (OK, maybe they were folded into their pockets, but it's the thought that counts!)  And hey, what are a few stamping smudges anyway?!

I had been looking at YouTube a lot lately for washi tape ideas, and one of the ideas was to use a cut-out to show off or display the underlying washi tape.  So I cut a tie shape from the center of a 4" x 5 1/4" piece of cardstock with my Cricut Explore, one for each card we would make.  We then folded an A2 card and layered stripes of washi tape diagonally onto the card front.  The over-laying tie-shaped cut-out hides all but the tie shape opening, and voila, we have a striped Dad's tie!  In other words, we are using the Cricut Explore to cut out a "punched" shape, but no annoying hard-to-work punches.

Some of the kids further decorated the cards with markers and messages of love.  I suggested they decorate the inside of the card with a hand drawn heart.

This craft idea tied in nicely with last week's lesson on love as the first fruit of the spirit.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you are having fun with washi tape as well!  Happy Dad's Day!

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