Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ATC Trade

A rather blurrrrrrrr!!!***y} picture of my ATC for the trade tonight. When will I ever learn to use this camera! I have to say I like the verbiage best--It reads: "Harken! The bird of night calls forth the darkness and yea dismisses it as the new day approaches. Oh ye spirits who dwell in the light—beware the call of the bird" Despite the corny presentation, I love the idea of the owl calling forth the darkness. I love to lay awake at night listening to the call of the owls and being awakened by them in the near early morning. It's as if they are announcing the arrival and departure of the magical world of the dark. Sensible people say there is nothing there in the dark that is not there in the day--but who of us is sensible when the lights go out and you can't turn them back on? Oh, back to the ATC--the chalk resist method on glossy paper lights up the stars in the night sky. The owl is heat embossed with Stampendous Mahogany tinsel embossing powder.

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