Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Tree

I had to make an unexpected trip to Salado today--got to go to Stamp Salado (bought some yummy stuff) and then went to a decorator store next to it called Henfeathers(?). Here I saw this decorated Christmas tree:

My sister had mentioned the tree at lunch (Adela's,in a white house on Main Steet, really good food, service, and ambience) especially because she is intrested in making the faux paper chain that decorates the tree. The chains are made of fabric, and I think the fabric is covering some stiffening backing, like buckram. Each link in the chain is an absolute perfect circle, with no lumps or buckles, life fabric usually does. I see a project--a tree decorated with scraps of elegant fabric made into "paper" chains. How many times do we see paper emulating fabric? This is a new twist--fabric emulating paper!

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