Sunday, March 14, 2010

Billie the Bird

Say hello to Billie the Bird! Yes, she is behind bars, but the alternative is to be eaten by my dog Gracie--really very sweet, but she already has one parakeet to her credit! I couldn't resist taking a picture of Billie with my new camera--just a pocket EasyShare, but I can't learn anything complicated, and I like the pictures it takes. My camera was state of the art, 5 years ago--now it's passe. Not to mention it sometimes doesn't work. Like my internet--cable guy coming tomorrow. Just like Billie is behind the bars in her world, I often feel like I am behind bars in mine, especially when it comes to technology. I know there's a whole world of creative technology out there, and I sometimes feel hampered and limited by what little I know about it, not to mention what happens when the gadgets go haywire. Words and phrases like "3Gnetworks", blueteeth, SDHCs, turbo boosts, micro cars, mega long--and unending alphabetic phonemes and nonsense syllables give me a headache. Ignorance is bliss, they say, so I'll just stay behind bars in my nice little world of limited technology, and make some handmade cards! I'll bet my world, like Billie's, is a lot more colorful and fun!

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