Thursday, March 4, 2010

Getting Ready

This Saturday will be one of my favorite days--the first Saturday of every month, that is. That is the day I teach Card Factory at Stamp Antonio. In the picture above, you can see the papers laid out for each card I will present. This month I promised to make two St. Patrick's Day cards and two spring/flower/Easter cards. You can see they almost all turned out green in color! I have gone "green" crazy for some reason--really noticing things green and choosing papers and embellishments in shades of green. I think it's the season--the weather here is warming up, trees are budding out, and the green grass is starting to peek out at the sky. Green is always such a restful, peaceful color. It shouts--we're ok--good to go! When the grass is green, we have enough water and the weather is cooperating. Green is the color of emerging life--algae on the rocks, the new sprigs on the tree, the verdant green of the fields. I think I made a good choice--green for my cards!

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  1. Looking forward to card class on Saturday Jane! Congratulatons on your blog!