Friday, April 9, 2010

Feelin' just ducky!

I love the yellow and green on this card! The yellow color, especially, coupled with the white embroidered paper, remind me of the first garment I ever sewed. I was about ten years old, and always watching my mother at her Singer sewing machine made me want to sew, too. She led me through putting together a simple dress for my little sister, who must have been no older than three or four. The bodice was an embroidered white cotton, and I remember sewing it to a yellow skirt. Sewing was not really a hobby then--it was how we got our clothes! Everything about this card reminds me of fabric and sewing--the embroidered paper, the gingham paper, the yellow rick-rack. And of course I made this card at Easter time, even though it is not really an Easter card. And what did we always get for Easter? New clothes! Hand-sewn, of course! In the card above, the duck stamp is by Hero Arts, stamped with Sunflower pigment ink from Clearsnap. I think it is really striking against the green of the cardstock. Oh dear, I wish I could "wear" this card!

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