Friday, January 27, 2012

Hybrid Card

This little card is very simple to make. I took the idea from a Hero Arts file (you can see the original card here: and altered it by using a clip art frame rather than a stamped frame, which I didn't have. The clip art I found just by using a search on my Microsoft Word clip art feature, so I assume it is freeware. I printed out two copies and sized them for my card. One I used as a backdrop on the card--the other I stamped with Hero Arts Magical Stamp in Yellow Citrus chalk ink by Clearsnap. I then cut out the interior of the stamped image, omitting any black lines, and adhered it to the frame on the card. The rest of the card are Hero Arts hearts stamped with black dye ink onto various printed papers and popped up onto the background. Very simple! I also found a pretty pink paper with a delicate background. My plan is to print frames onto this background paper, cut out the interiors, and use it as a backdrop for the hearts, rather than stamping the background.

1 comment:

  1. I like that you used different colors than the usual red for the hearts. Happy Valentines!